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Truckworx PacLease full-service leasing can provide you with both financial and operational benefits. Financially, your company can preserve capital for other parts of its business that generate higher returns. Operationally, we allow your company to focus on core functions of your business while we handle the rest. In the long run, our lease and maintenance packages allow your company to maximize uptime and productivity.


Truckworx takes the complexity out of running a fleet. We take care of everything from vehicle specification to maintenance and everything in between. Whether you are spec’ing for fuel efficiency or payload capacity, keeping your fleet running at optimum efficiency is our top priority.


Running and maintaining a fleet can be costly and time consuming. Full-service leasing eliminates unpredictable repair and maintenance expenses associated with ownership, providing you with a fixed monthly payment throughout the life of your lease. You spend less time and resources managing your fleet and more time focusing on your business.


The next generation of PacTrac Fleet Management is an innovative telematics system. PacTrac can help you better manage your fleet by keeping you connected to your drivers and vehicles. With increased messaging, an onboard event recorder and more real time diagnostic data from vehicles, PacTrac improves route planning, fuel efficiency and driver performance.


Truckworx PacLease is the partner you can count on. We are locally owned and our knowledgeable staff will work with you to come up with a custom solution for your business! With locations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, PacLease provides you with a vast team of experts that can help you when and where you need them.